Throwback Thursdays Trend


  I have been noticing a trend in my social media circles of posting Throwback Thursday pics and posts. That got me to thinking about the last year and how far I have come since I decided to get out here and play with you and share my upcycling projects. I was green and lacked the tools I … [continue]

Project Life. Waste not.


I do Project Life Scrapbooking. You don’t see much of it here because it isn’t usually material for an upcycling website. I do, however, have a friend Beth posting today about her PL project. You can find her post here. She pointed out that I do upcycle inside my project life and suggested that I […]


Many Faces of Upcycling


Good Morning my wonderful upcycler. Today I am writing an open letter. Feeling a little sentimental and wanting to connect with you a little more here. I look around me and see so many examples in my life of taking things and re-imagining them. Giving them a new life or identity. While taking stock, I […]


Scrapbooking using an old sock


Today I am sharing a little project that yielded me such fabulous results! I give my family permission to wear good socks and keep them supplied in new socks. When old ones get holes in them we discard them. Well, that has most likely come to a halt. I had a pair of black socks […]


Hurry to Get this Great Deal


  I am Sorry to be so late getting this special in your hands, but I wanted to make sure you have a chance to take advantage of my favorite PSE guru’s Australia Day special. If you click the photo above to purchase this deal, I will get a commission. This is a nice way […]


Today is Scrapbook Throwdown


The link for today and for the replay January Scrapbook Throwdown